Saturday, December 7, 2019

This Week on Bandcamp Daily

This Week on Bandcamp Daily
Kind of Yule: A Guide to Holiday Jazz
Broaden your definition of “holiday music” with a diverse array of albums reflecting a sampling of the world’s December holidays and the endless ways to celebrate them.
Bandcamp Weekly - Collaboration Nation

On the latest Bandcamp Week: an interview with jazz saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi of Nerija, KOKOROKO, and the Mercury Prize-nominated SEED Ensemble.


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

iLLBiLLY HiTEC (overdubbed by DUB PISTOLS

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Artist: iLLBiLLY HiTEC (overdubbed by DUB PISTOLS
Label: Echo Beach
Genre(s): Reggae / Electronic

The Reggaetronic company operating under the project name “iLLBiLLY HiTEC “ is poised to release the KING SIZE DUB – special - album into record shops worldwide.

iLLBiLLY HiTEC’s electronic tinkerings and styles have carved a swathe straight through the middle ground of the “sophisticated” modern reggae prevalent on the German scene and even worldwide since more than 10 Years. The band’s strange-sounding name sparks a vision of a “what the fuck” attitude, and it manifests itself in the mind with its formidable, sweet-sounding mellifluous sounds. The mix is an intoxicating loop with sound sketches borrowed from reggae into which pseudo-spheric elements from breakbeat, hip hop and pop have been absorbed to weave masterful club dub.

Now, after 10 years the band will say “Good bye friends, good bye Reggaetronics” and will wave into new projects. The last gig will happen in Berlin on the 19th of October in the legendary YAAM Club with great special guests and the final chapter of the release of the KING SIZE DUB special… time to twist and shout to the glorious music of iLLBiLLY HiTEC. The CD and KING SIZE DUB was “overdubbed” by the London based band DUB PISTOLS a brand mark of reggae fusion culture at its best…!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Robyn Hayle

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Artist: Robyn Hayle
Title: Christmas Go Away
Genre: Vocal Jazz / Christmas
Label: Independent

" It's always great to hear a new take on jazz vocalizing and this lady certainly does that! BUT YOU DO is my favourite cut but the others are great and so modern!"
- Russ Davis/Voice of America

Never really one to leave well enough alone, Robyn Hayle said of her last release So Much for Good Behaviour: "It's not finished, it wants something more". So she called up her brilliant producer, Don Breithaupt, and together they came up with something new / the thrill of jazz, with all that great musicianship, with the surprise of techno, bite, humour and sass, with deep, dense tracks that keep you in a constant state of discovery. "It's like this is what the songs always wanted to be" Don said. It was undeniably true. "Yeah, this'll work", they agreed, "this works".

Montreal-born and Toronto-based, this jazz chanteuse has had a fascinatingly chameleonic career and draws from a deep well of experience in creating her work. Hayle’s musical, vocal and lyrical maturity, so evident on her albums, is eloquent testimony to a lifelong commitment to the crafts of singing and songwriting.

Robyn began vocal and piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory in Montreal at age seven, and won her first International Music Competition at nine, singing “Faust.” By thirteen, she was performing in city clubs, singing backup for popular Quebec entertainer Tony Roman.

At 15, Hayle became the youngest music student ever at McGill, but soon defected to rock ’n roll. She toured with such stars as Johnny Farrago and Patsy Gallant and headed her own bands, prior to relocating to Toronto, where she was soon in demand for jingles and voiceover work — in both official languages.

In Toronto, Robyn also worked on children’s programming for TVO, including Sesame Street, and the internationally acclaimed Today’s Special, in which she played the computer “TXL Series Four”, and did animated voices that earned her a global cult following. A stint in New York City studying at the Neighborhood Playhouse was followed by a move to Los Angeles.

Robyn Hayle

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